Cryogenic Valves

Evolution Valves manufactures a range of superior high performance Butterfly Valves and Ball Valves in stainless steel, CF8, up to 48", 150/300/600/900# class for cryogenic applications in the LNG and transportation industry. Our valves come fire safe and cryogenic certified where required and incorporate regulatory body approvals such as Lloyds, BV, FM etc.

They are designed to cope with the harshest environments encountered within these processes which include extreme temperature and pressure variations as well as particulate matter. Designs adopted include contoured discs for extended rangeability in control, perforated trims to assist in anti-cavitation and noise reduction, as well as remote sealing configurations to ensure zero gland emissions.

Ball - EV-BAV-T
Ball - EV-BAV-F
Butterfly - EV-TOV-S
Butterfly - EV-DOV-S