Pneumatic Actuators

HKC's HP-series of pneumatic actuators are specifically designed for the valve automation market. It provides a wide range of torque outputs to suit quarter turn ball, butterfly, plug valves, and dampers for complete valve automation solutions. HKC's pneumatic actuators are available in either a rack & pinion design or a scotch yoke design.
HKC's Pneumatic Actuators Feature: 
  • Rack & Pinion design: HP-035 to HP-210
  • Scotch Yoke design: HP-211, 212
  • Single acting or double acting
  • Wide range of torque outputs
  • Max operating pressure: 8 bar
  • Standard temp range: -20 to +80 C (higher/lower options available)
Rack & Pinion Design
Scotch Yoke Design
Heavy Duty